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Join the pride of kings and queens, and explore all the possibilities of the metaverse. We’re on a mission to build the premier Web 3.0 brand together with our community, driven by our shared passion for NFTs, gaming, and the metaverse.

Rich Lion nft - your key to exploring Web 3.0

Web 3.0 is a wide new world with endless possibilities and new experiences, and Rich Lion is the key to unlocking this world.

Rich Lion is a limited collection of unique, programmatically generated NFTs hosted on the Ethereum blockchain. Each Rich Lion is unique – just like you and programmatically generated from over 160 possible traits, including clothing, mane, expression, and more.

The initial sale has sold out. To get your Rich Lion, buy now on OpenSea.










Benefits of
Rich Lion NFT

When you purchase a Lazy Lions or Lazy Bungalows NFT, the art is totally and completely yours. Whether you want to print and sell merchandise, use it in advertising, or want it to be the star of its own show!

Be part of the world’s loudest NFT community

When you join the Rich Lion – by purchasing an NFT or just joining our Discord – you’re instantly part of our community. A global community that empowers and supports each other on this exciting journey into Web 3.0. We’re focused on building authentic connections as we delve into the metaverse together.

Own the full
commercial rights

When you purchase a Rich Lion NFT, the art is totally and completely yours. Whether you want to print and sell merchandise, use it in advertising, or want it to be the star of its own show!

Display your art
in high resolution

All Rich Lions are available as high resolution, 10,000px by 10,000px JPEGs. This allows you to print a high-quality physical copy of your NFT, display it in high res on a screen, and use it for large-scale print or display.

Have a voice in
the project

Rich Lion gives you a voice in the development and success of the project through AMAs with the dev team and formalised voting systems.

Expand your

Joining the Rich Lion community opens the door to a global network of like-minded people from all walks of life. Our community is filled with welcoming individuals who love to connect with newcomers. Plus, We even have dedicated networking channels for individuals who love to connect and welcome newcomers in our Discord!

We are coming

to change everything

RICH lion in the Metaverse

Getting there (roadmap 1.0)

Mint Day
  • We have planned milestones for the mint phase for our exclusive collection which comes in 3 tiers.
  • Tier 1 - At 30%, We will airdrop 100Ada to 10 Rich lion being minted.
  • Tier 2 - At 60%, We will airdrop 300Ada to 5 Rich lion being minted.
  • Tier 3 - At 100%, We will airdrop 1000 ADA to 2 Rich Lion being minted.
  • Obtaining an OG role to the Rich Lion discord, and having a holder's role will give you a chance at receiving a set of limited edition Rich Lion merchandise to our loyal members of the pride. The quantity of these merchandise sets have yet to be determined.
Lions Roundtable
  • Sit among the leaders and make visionary decisions for the growing community. Each lion will have a voice to make royalty decisions moving forward as we believe projects must be for profits and must provide value to the community.
Longevity 2.0
  • Not last and certainly not least, we are in it for the long run. We will reinvest to keep Rich Lion’s Den ongoing by constantly innovating and growing our position in the CNFT space.
  • We have planned milestones for the pre-launch phrase 1 in our alpha launchpad.
  • Sell out of 20% of Prelaunch, whitelisted Lions will be rewarded with a Rolex Watch and a Rich Lion NFT (Rare gold, titanium, platinum, poly diamond)
  • Sell out of 40% will see whitelisted Lions be rewarded with a Franck Muller watch, and a Rich Lion (Rare gold NFT).
  • Sell out of 60% will see whitelisted Lions given a Hublot watch, and a Rich Lion NFT (Rare titanium NFT)
  • Sell out of 80%, an outstanding whitelisted Lions be rewarded with an AP (Audemars Piguet) watch, and a Lion Den's pass to the exclusive Yacht Party in Singapore.
  • A complete 100% sell-out of Pre-launch will see whitelisted Lions be invited to a rooftop party in Singapore, with all participants to receive a Tourbillon Watch, with an outstanding Lion be the owner of a Ulysse Nardin Tourbillon.
  • During the Mint Phase, the Rich "Grandfather" Lion will airdrop 5 RARE and SUPER RARE Rich Lion NFTs among early supporters.
  • Holding your Rich Lion NFT will serve as an access card to our launchpad, securing you whitelist spots for the hottest NFT projects in the space.
  • Once a month, the Lion's Den will host an event with prominent business leaders, celebrities, athletes, and musicians around the world. Opposed to watching an interview online, here you get to ask your own questions and, depending on your ROARING role, interact with these A-listers yourself. 
  • In between our monthly Lion Den's events, expect access to free seminars from established professionals in their respective fields. From trading and investing to affiliate marketing and much more. As a holder, you have the voting power to decide what educational content comes next.
  • By partnering with service providers in the NFT space, RL holders get access to tracking tools and data insights for whale wallet tracking, collection, and NFT events, as well as holders only Alpha channels with real-time alerts. 
  • Part of our business community is our own venture capital fund. Once a holder you get to submit a project for evaluation. Projects must be for-profit and must provide value to others - the sky is the limit.
  • The most exclusive items you would buy for your geisha, you can buy them for your other loved one too, or for yourself if we may hint at some... well never mind.

    And of course, there is The Rare Rich Lion NFT and collectables. Here the tangible collector's items are sold. Rare items will even be available in shared ownership, bridging the gap between the metaverse and the real world.
  • Being a loyal patron, you’ll be able to mint a free Loyal Dog NFT - the uneducated and slightly more naughty little apprentice. Holding both NFTs will have additional benefits so you may want to hold on to them.
  • Not last and certainly not least, we are in it for the long run. We will reinvest to keep Rich Lion’s Den ongoing by constantly innovating and growing our offer.


  • With our  Watch the Lion Fund, which is backed by presitagous watches valued over 10 million USD, a percentage of sales commissions will be used to set up investment funds for business-related events in The Alpha Club Community.
  • Inevitably, we go inside the Metaverse, some exciting events coming your way there.


RichLion is an exclusive collection on the ADA blockchain. Our main goal is to build a community of watch loving people on the Cardano ecosystem and create a great community centered around it. We aim to underpromise and overdeliver in all aspects of the project.

Our valuable collection comprises a total of 5,555 NFTs.
55 NFTs will be reserved for giveaways and marketing on twitter and discord.

Each NFT represents a lion with a particular watch.

All RichLion NFTs come with a sub file with resolution of 3600×3600, enough for a 12 inch print at 300 PPI.

There will be lots of competitions, contests and giveaways with ADA, NFT prizes and a surprise gift for our holders.

That depends solely on you. We predict that there will be collectors aiming for a certain rarity as they own a similar watch in real life.

Royalties will be implemented with a rate of 5%. This will be collected for the development of the project.